Spark Joy

Spark Joy

Just like you choose your clothes every day, you can choose the words and thoughts you put on. 

We turned to the queen of sparking joy, Marie Kondo whose infamous catch phrase is: “Does it spark joy?”, to learn more about her practice of seeking joy in our daily lives. As I learned more about her practice, I stumbled upon this Parade article where Kondo shares how she helps her clients seek joy in their wardrobes when they’re struggling to remember what joy even feels like:

Let me share another special trick for identifying what gives you joy when you are just beginning to sort your clothes: start with the ones that you wear close to your heart. Can you guess why? Because that’s where you feel joy—in your heart, not in your head. The closer your clothing is to your heart, the easier it is to choose. For example, bottoms, such as pants and skirts, are easier than socks; tops, such as blouses and shirts, are easier than bottoms. Technically, lingerie, such as brassieres and camisoles, are worn closest to the heart, but most people don’t have enough to make a proper comparison. Therefore, my rule of thumb is to start with your tops

Marie Kondo’s advice put words to why we believe so strongly in what we put on matters. At Ladoru we design our tees to remind us of who we are, embrace our wonder, and spark joy. Our Transformed Tee celebrates the complexity, power, and beauty of our hearts while also reminding us to check our hearts daily. It is a heart made up of different pieces and is not to be mistaken for a broken heart, but we see a healing and transformed heart. May it inspire you to proudly wear your transformed heart on your sleeve and walk in the peace that you are fearfully, and wonderfully made. 

Getting dressed is a tangible way to practice mindfulness. This kind of intentionality can give your wardrobe the power to speak to who you are and who you are becoming. And It’s in these small acts that we choose to do every day that lead to impactful, everlasting change.

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