Ladoru noun (lah-door-oo):

Transforming life's highs, lows, and all the stuff in between into something beautiful for generations to come. #OurWordsShapeOurWorld


Here’s the break down:

Ladoru is a made up word that’s a mash-up of my given name and initials that intertwines words and meanings from different cultures and languages.




For too long I allowed other people’s opinions and actions dictate who I was. A job rejection meant I was unworthy. A guy who never called me after the first date meant I was unlovable. A colleague that didn’t acknowledge my hard work meant I was valueless. The lies I chose to believe became deafening to the point that I couldn’t hear my own voice.

It was when my friend suggested, as a New Year’s resolution, to doodle every day for a whole year that I began to hear a faint, whisper of myself. It wasn’t until the 209th day that I recognized the true value of expressing my voice through my art.

My voice has the power to decide who I am. It has the power to turn my imperfections into points of interests and my vulnerabilities into strengths. From that day on I promised myself to always honor my voice, for I am loved, valued, and purposed.

That’s when Ladoru was born. I created this brand to encourage women to embrace their wonder, scars and all, through outer expression and inner healing. 

Ladoru is converging fashion, art, and play to inspire closets, minds, and hearts. Just like you choose your clothes every day, you can choose the words and thoughts you put on. It’s my hope that every day you’ll be inspired to choose to wear compassion, kindness, humility, strength and most importantly, love. Because our words shape our world.


Leanne Aranador